Dentists and Devils (or Nevilles)

I don’t know what it says about me, when I actually enjoy going to the dentist?! Last time it was for a root canal and today I had a wisdom tooth out. It’s honestly like a spa day compared to to looking after an almost 1 and almost 3 year old! I get to lie down and close my eyes and not worry if a tiny person is about to break themselves… Or wake up. Bliss! Well, apart from the drilling/pulling and general violation of my mouth. So after having the back of my jaw massacred, I had natter with the lovely practice manager before a kid free mooch around Kendal in the sun (I absolutely did not go in TKMaxx and come out with a bunch of things we don’t need). I then supposed that I should really return to my husband and children. 

Pain killers are wonderful, so we decided to make the most of this unfamiliar ball of flame in the sky and headed out to Devils Bridge (Kirkby Lonsdale) in the afternoon. On our way there, Pip (3yr old) asks us where we’re going…

Me: We’re going to Devils Bridge
Pip: *excitedly* I like Neville!


(Yes, ‘Thomas’ is on our Netflix ‘Recently watched by Them’ list)

We had a lovely ice cream from ‘Nevilles’ Bridge and I attempted a family ‘selfie’… One day we will capture us all looking and smiling at the camera… One day… *stares whistfully off into the distance*

Family selfie time! Pip: “I dont waaaaant toooo!”

We then headed down to the ‘beach’ (point bar πŸ˜‰) with a potty strapped to the rucksack, and Bee in our beautiful Oscha ring sling. Pip and Daddy threw rocks into the Lune and Bee bashed rocks together and tried to eat them. Meanwhile I tried to stop her eating rocks, do a bit of iPhonetography, and observed that the rocks were larger to the upstream end of the point bar – all was right with the world (can’t switch off the geographer). 

Bee: Hmmmmm, this one looks tasty!

Pip: “Uh-oh Mummy! This hands got all sprinkles in it!” after I asked him not to pick up the sand and grit!


It’s a fab place to let them have a little freedom just to roam. We stuck to a flat area next shallow water, and miraculously the rather unbalanced (hypermobile ankled) Pip didn’t fall in! They were both in their element we had a perfect afternoon πŸ™‚

Not wanting to deflate our perfect afternoon with a bodged together meal from our mostly convenience stock of food at home, we ate at The Redwell Inn near Arkholme on the way back. The food was lovely, portions possibly on the small side (or perhaps I’m greedy!), and they were very welcoming and tolerant of a potty training Pip and of Bee redecorating with her dinner. Much of our time was spent assessing Pip’s wiggles and forcing him to try the toilet/potty due to our fear of him piddling all over the wicker dining chair. Tell me this fear will subside somewhat as he gets older?!

To top off a lovely day, the children are now asleep, my mouth doesn’t hurt, and I’ve been able to make my first blog post! Win!


12 thoughts on “Dentists and Devils (or Nevilles)

  1. Alison Hall says:

    Excellent first post, sounds like a fab day out. The blog is really pretty, I like the colours. And I’m loving the phrase iphonetography! Did you coin it? Either way I’m stealing it!


    • MadifiedMum says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚ I don’t know if I coined iPhonetography, but I haven’t personally seen it anywhere else! I’m sure it has been used already though. X


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