Blue Skies and Blacksmiths – Damson Day Fair 2015


It definitely felt like the start of the sunny seasons today. Blue skies and sunshine greeted us at the Lythe Valley, Cumbria, for the annual Damson Day fair. This coupled with meeting up with the lovely summery and sommery (😉) families, and bumping into a bunch of other familiar faces, made for a fantastic family day out. 

With a little fun fair, lots of local fayre, various crafts and demonstrations (food, dog agility and blacksmithery, to name a few), Damson Day was set up nicely to entertain us all. There were even some Alpacas! 

Scary, Sporty, Posh, Ginger and Baby.

We’re no strangers to country fairs, we are spoilt for choice in this neck of the woods. But this one was special because it was the smallest we’ve been to, so not too hard when mooching round with two small people. This one also brought with it a new experience – being out for half a day with the potty training toddler!

Interesting rucksack accessory…

 Aaaaand… He stayed dry! Yippee! Although at the point when he declared he needed the toilet, Daddy and the potty were at the top of the hill. We were at the bottom. So I yelled “DADDY! POTTY!” And while Mr Madified ran down the hill in slow motion with Chariots of Fire playing in the background (in my head), I whipped Pips pants down and assumed the ‘picking kid up to pee at the side of the road’ position in case he went before the potty arrived. Alas, he managed to wait, and we achieved our first al fresco wee! What a relief!

Apart from the company and the weather, our favourite thing was watching the Blacksmith demo. Pip was really interested, so we watched the whole 10-15 mins as a horseshoe was transformed before our eyes into a love heart for us to buy and bring home 🙂

The metamorphosis of a horseshoe – heart

 I was much happier paying £10 for this experience, than paying £2 for this…

Pip: “I’m finished now”

He made it round twice before declaring he had finished. He then went on to declare he had finished for each of the next 10 goes round as he passed us. Perhaps we should have asked them to stop the ride seeing as he was the only one on… But we had to get our £2’s worth! I don’t normally advocate “We’ve paid good money for this! You will enjoy it!” … Honest!

It was also really nice sitting on bails of hay listening to some great live music. Bee enjoyed a dance and a play with the straw, and now has muddy pink tights. *considers writing a folk song about muddy pink tights* 


Another thing that was nice to see was lots of other parents, mums and dads, baby wearing. Always makes my heart smile 🙂 

After watching some agile dogs we headed back to the steepest car park in the world! 

Go home car park – You’re drunk!

It’s been one of those days where you come home full of sunshine and fresh air and feel totally, wonderfully knackered 🙂


2 thoughts on “Blue Skies and Blacksmiths – Damson Day Fair 2015

  1. Shared your Alapacas Maddy photo hoping you do not mind Photos they are great, little one seems to be enjoying himself on the colourful motorbike, never been to Damson Day but passed through Lythe Valley all beautiful Lake District.


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