Proud Golfing Daddy

Mr Madified (Dadified?!) is a bit of a golf fanatic. He’s a very good amature, (playing off 6, if you’re familiar with the lingo). He’s not been able to play much in the last few years since babies started arriving, and last year he cancelled his golf membership. It’s the first time he hasn’t been a member at a golf club since he was 6 years old! 

So imagine his delight when Pip joined him yesterday evening to watch a bit of the masters!


He got quite into into it as Daddy explained what was happening and who people were. I think he secretly loved it every time Pip explained “Who’s that guy?” while pointing at the screen! He even asked if he could watch a bit of golf this morning!

Pip: “Who’s that guy?!”
 *points at golfer on TV*

Golf isn’t exactly on my list of top things to do/watch, but the saying “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!” Describes my mindset well. Mr Madified has loved golf a lot longer than he’s loved me. It’s in his soul, and if never want to take that away from him. But I much prefer the 19th hole to the other 18! 😉


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