Politics: Eddie Izzard and Pip for Prime Minister!

I unashamedly went celebrity spotting when Eddie Izzard visited locally to campaign for the Labour Party Last week. A bunch of us headed into town after sling meet and discussed what we’d say if we actually got to meet him… We mostly thought that we’d get slightly starstruck and embarrassingly start doing impressions/quotes from his shows.

It turned out that as long as you got the guts to weave through the crowd, Eddie (we’re on first name terms now) was very willing to participate in some selfie taking.  So with my fellow baby wearing wing-woman, we headed through.


I felt it only right to chat about what he was actually there for – which, believe it or not, wasn’t to take selfies with fans who then scurried off. So, I admitted I didn’t know who to vote for, and he and the local candidate had a good chat with us. Eddie is a genuinely nice down to earth guy, principled and passionate about his political beliefs. He gave me a positive character reference for Mr Milliband after I said that was one of my concerns. And I gave him an embarrassing impression of a quote from one of his shows: He asked what Bee’s name was (and for those who know us, her shortened name is slightly similar). Because I was wearing Bee, I introduced her and then said “I’m covered in Bee’s” with accompanying actions… 😳 I think he was politely appreciative of the reference to his work 😳 I think it’s a rule or something that you have to do something embarrassing when meeting a celebrity that you admire! Apart from that I surprised myself and think I asked some good questions. I didn’t just agree with everything he said, just because of who he is, and I think this was appreciated as he and the local candidate chatted for a while. 

I took a video of Eddie’s speach, like you do when you’re unashamedly celeb spotting. I was watching it at home and Pip joined me and asked:

Pip: “What’s that?”
Me: “Well, very soon Mummy and Daddy need to decide who they would like to be the boss of the country…”
Pip: *excitedly interrupts at the top of his voice* “ME!”
Me: *Lol!* “So what would you do if you were the boss of the country?”
Pip: *looks to the ceiling to think* Errrrrm… Play with my bin truck??

Glad to hear he’ll take a hands on role with his waste management policy 😂

I don’t remember ever being educated about politics when I was a child… Probably because it was (is) sooooo dull! When I was first old enough to vote, I was admittedly apathetic, and couldn’t care less. I’m not proud of this, but it’s the truth. I thought they were all as bad as each other. Now that I’m a *little* older I do care, and I do vote, and I try and research as much as I can and I have come to the conclusion that… They’re all as bad as each other. I’ve done various quizzes on the web, some very in depth, to try and work out who to vote for. Apparently on principle I’m lib dem. But I don’t know how I feel voting for them again. I’m certainly not Tory and so I am considering a tactical vote rather than one based on my principles. Which doesn’t quite sit right with me. But voting for any of the choices we’re given doesn’t feel right either. Nor does spoiling my ballot or not voting. 

I wish it was an easier choice, such as: 

“Tea and cake? Or death?”
– Eddie Izzard (my mate)


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