Video: The precious first meeting of my miracle babies :)

Here’s a video of Pip and Bee meeting for the first time. Please read below for an explanation of why this is so so special and why I chose to share πŸ™‚ 

 My family and I have been through more than our fair share of difficult times. Over the last few years I have lost my father and sister (her funeral was 2 days after Pip’s 12 week scan – I have never felt such highs and lows). Prior to this I fought and won Cancer twice. As a result I was told I’d be highly unlikely to conceive, and the best chance I’d have would be IVF with donor eggs. We figured we’d give it a shot the, erm, natural way, before going down the donor egg route. After 13 long months of charting and temping and peeing on ovulation sticks, when I had pretty much given up, I miraculously fell pregnant with Pip! In fact, my husband was so used to this rigmarole that when I shakily showed him the positive pregnancy test, he thought it was another ovulation stick, and thought he was going to get lucky! Little did he know that it would have quite the opposite effect – haha!

We never dared dream that we’d be lucky enough to naturally conceive at all. Yet, low and behold, when we decided to try for a sibling for Pip, I fell pregnant STRAIGHT AWAY! Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be as I sadly miscarried at 5 weeks. Something that I have since come to realise is extremely common and feel should be easier to talk about for those who want to. I don’t know if perhaps in the past there was a stigma attached as people thought it was a failing of the mother? Now it is known that in the vast majority of cases it is unfortunately just one of those things, that happens to about 1 in 4 of us. It wasn’t a totally straightforward for me as I had to have an ERPC (Surgical procedure to clear my womb), but once I had the all clear from tests we tried again, and got pregnant with Bee after a couple of months!

I still cannot believe how incredibly lucky we have been. There really aren’t the words to describe how much happiness Pip and Bee bring to not only Mr Madified and I, but our entire family. As you can imagine, they mean the world to my mum, and have brought so much comfort to us all. They have filled our lives with sunshine and happiness that could have easily been blotted out by past losses and experiences.

I like to share my happiness to help make other people happy, so this is why I have chosen to share this video of Pip meeting Bee for the first time. It happened a year yesterday when Bee was born and is probably the happiest moment in my entire life. Together for the first time with my little family that I never believed would exist.


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