Spontaneous exploring – We discovered Plain Quarry Stone Spiral on our random drive!


It was beautiful weather after picking Pip and Bee up from nursery the other evening, so we decided to go for a ‘pretty drive’ before going home. I love just going where the road takes you and discovering new places this way. We stumbled upon an absolute gem – Plain Quarry Stone Spiral. 

Just stand there on the stone spiral so mummy can take a photo for her blog…

Not far from Burton-in-Kendal, just off Dalton Lane, there’s a little car park, picnic area and small former quarry that’s been transformed into a little recreation area. They’ve made a stone spiral out of quarried limestone blocks, and a short nature trails takes you up over limestone pavement to a view point. It’s really short even wobbly ankled Pip easily conquered it in a couple of minutes.  


With the ‘climb’ up the the limestone pavement, and beautiful views over the Bowland Fells, I’m pretty sure Pip thought he’d climbed a mountain! He was very proud! 

Pip is proud! Mummy is amused, I think?! And yes, he is wearing his hat with neck guard back to front. Don’t ask… I don’t know!

Bee enjoyed it too – I think she was trying to communicate with the birds! She was very loud and shrill so close to my ear! From the view point Pip could even see where Daddy works πŸ˜‰

Pip: “Just under the sky over there, above the trees, is where Daddy works at”

I love little adventures like this, and Plain Quarry is definitely somewhere we’ll come back to soon. It’s not far away, you can park so close (which is reassuring in case of emergency/poosplosions) and the viewpoint is a great distance and incline for little legs. There are footpaths heading out towards Dalton Crags and Hutton Roof (an old climbing haunt from when I climbed at uni), so much more exploring to be had πŸ™‚

Bring on summer! β˜€οΈ



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