Thursday Tips: The Power In Choices

I’m lucky that I learnt about the power of choices through my behaviour management training for teaching so have always adapted this at home with mine. Most often for us it’s things like potty or teeth first at bedtime, or would you like to walk to bed yourself or shall mummy carry you. Occassionally, if I’ve asked Pip to do something that he initially refuses (e.g. Give a toy back to his sister), he gets the choice of doing it himself or mummy will do it! I’ve found that the most powerful one – he LOVES to do everything himself (he’s almost 3), so this has been very powerful.

Most recently, when he’s refused to tidy up before bed, we’ve been having the following conversation:
Me: “Right Pip, it’s time for us to tidy up before bed time”
Pip: *whiney voice* “I don’t waaant to tidy uuuup”
Me: “Ok, well we can either go straight up to bed, or we can tidy up first?”
Pip: “I want to tidy up!”

He literally switches that quickly, and tidies like a pro!

I often joke that Pip thinks it’s a democracy, but it’s actually a dictatorship in disguise! 😂


The Power in ChoicesGiving kids choices gives everyone power. You control the situation because you get to choose what the choices are and your child has control because she gets to guide the situation. A true win-win!  

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