‘Welly Walk’ 2015: Diggers and Pip accidentally ‘christening’ the new Heysham to M6 Link road!

We’ve been lucky with the weather again for another outdoor adventure! Along with over 2500 others, we walked the path of the Heysham-M6 link road, due for completion 2016. It was BRILLIANT! Really well organised, Costain, St John’s Hospice and partners should be very proud of what they achieved today. It was great being able to see where the new road is going and the various engineering and structures en route. **geeks**

The highlight for Pip and his BFF was being able to ‘drive’ one of the MASSIVE earth mover/tipper truck things! And the cup of tea and muffin at the end was a most welcome touch. In fact, when we told Pip about the cake at the end, he ran the last 200m!

Also, may we apologise to the few hundred people that were unfortunate enough to witness Pip accidentally christen the new road. Erm, yeah, sorry about that Coastain and fellow ‘Welly Walkers’… We weren’t anticipating the creation of a new puddle and our son stood in front of everyone wearing nothing from the waist down 😳

Anyways, I took many MANY photos (not of the aforementioned incident), but here’s just a select few… Honest!



Don’t mess with these beasts!


I’m actually considerjng getting a selfie stick…!

Bucket full of us!

Alllllll the machines!

‘Driving’ the earth mover/tipper!

So incredibly happy to be ‘driving’!


Scooping up the boys 🙂

The beginnings of the improved jct 34!

The second largest crane in Europe. Fact!




Thanks for the ride bavk Kirkby Lonsdake Coaches! Pip excited to be ‘driving’ again!



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