Today I had a babybrained effort at supporting Morecambe Carnival!

Today I decided that, despite it being February again weather wise (cold, wind, rain), I’d head out with Pip and Bee and go to Morecambe Carnival. I like to feel I’m doing my bit to support local businesses etc, so figured if Pip had a ride and we bought some food and candy floss, we could still have a great time. 

Anyone with a couple of kids or more close in age knows the epic effort it takes to single handedly leave the house with a baby and toddler. I got everything I could ready while they were napping, so it only took 25 mins to leave the house! Then Bee started crying on the way, which is unlike her…  She was, erm, having a little trouble and long story short I ended up having to change her on the drivers seat while pulled up at Happy Mount Park 😣 Back on our way we were fortunate enough to find a parent and child space at Morrisons (amongst the cars parking there with no children – but that’s a rant for another day). I set up the pushchair in the rain, get Bee in, get the sling, potty and my rucksack in the bottom, get Pip out and coat on and onto the buggy board and under the rain over and get my coat on. Phew.

A minute through the car park and Pip is cold so we dash (as fast as you can pushing a toddler and baby) back to the car to get his gloves. Off we go again. Get over to the carnival area and I realise that…

I forgot my purse!

I left it at home in my swimming bag from Waterbabies in the morning! What a complete baby brain moment! I tried to walk to a cashpoint that I can use my phone app with but the kids were already getting cold and grumpy. But Pip still enjoyed looking down at the fair! I was impressed how understanding he was about me forgetting my purse:

“You forget your purse Mummy. It’s ok, we can just look at the train” – Pip

Very proud of my lovely boy 🙂 

…. And also might have to take advantage of this in the future when he wants to ride on Thomas outside Tesco 😉

Anyways, it was too cold for these two so we headed home again after a mere 10 mins at the carnival… plus over an hour of getting out there! 

Might try again in the next couple of days 😝


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