Being poorly when you’ve got kids – lows and highs. #PipQuote

Since Sunday night I have had the worst Gastro bug I’ve ever experienced… I’ll spare the details but it was so severe I had to get multiple pills from out of hours (I’m great at getting ill on bank holidays) to save me from hospital admission and IV fluids. I could barely walk to the bathroom from nausea/dizziness/weakness, let alone look after the children. Luckily my hubby finished nights on Sunday morning and was able to get his parents over to help out while he slept. They live an hour away and my folks live 2hrs away. It leaves you in a bit of a pickle for emergency childcare in these circumstances 😦 On Monday afternoon I felt marginally better and ventured downstairs as I missed the kids. They instantly joggled me and a re-retreated. 

It’s now Thursday, I’m relatively better but still very sore and limited movement. So we’re stuck at home instead of going to the Zoo for Pip’s 3rd birthday. But then this happened. I was in the bath to help ease my tummy ache when Pip came in for his morning widdle. He ‘went’, but then stayed there ages claiming he needed another one. After 5 mins of no show I asked him:

Me: “Do you really need another wee, or do you just want to stay on the toilet?”

Pip: “I want to stay here and look after Mummy”

Oh my heart, my sweet boy 😍😍😍😍😭😭😭


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