Pip, why does Bee smell of Doritos?

I need to hide things better. 

Last night while my husband was on a night shift, I settled in to a date with a bag of Doritos, dips and Eurovision. Normally it’s so bad it’s good. But many songs were marginally ok this year which actually made it the most boring Eurovision I’ve ever watched. Where was all the ridiculous cheese? Oh wait, that was our entry. Nonetheless, I managed to watch to the end with a few, erm, very long blinks. 

But I didn’t finish my Doritos. Nor, evidently, did I hide them well enough out of the reach of little hands. While I transported everything we need to the bottom floor of our 3 story town house (at least two trips up and down two flights of stairs), they ‘played’ in the living room (which is on the first floor, under where hubby’s sleeping). When I finished and went to get them they were innocently playing with cars. However, after about half an hour with them down in the small sitting room, I started to smell a food smell emanating from my 1 yr olds mouth that didnot smell like Shreddies or toast.

Me: “Pip, why does Bee smell of Doritos crisps?”
Pip: “Because we ate them”
Me: “Really?” (Didn’t quite believe is not put them far enough out of the way) “What colour was the bag?”
Pip: “Orange” *proud face*
Me: *sigh* “Well, that was very silly of Mummy leaving them there. Those crisps are for grown up and Pip and Bee shouldn’t eat them”
Pip: “Oh”

I just went upstairs to assess the damage and found the Doritos almost exactly where I’d left them…


Me: “Pip, did you really eat crisps?”
Pip: “Yes”
Me: “Did you put them back where they were?”
Pip: “Yes. So Mummy would be happy.”

Devious little thing! At least he shared with his sister 🙂


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