Bee’s given up breastfeeding (But now I can have ALL THE DRUGS!!!)

My baby is growing up. It really is the end of an era and despite my youngest (and last) baby only being 13 months, I’m feeling nostalgic for the ‘baby era’. I plan to take up small baby sniffing to compensate. Moving on…

I have been very fortunate to have been able to breastfeed both my babies. Breastfeeding Pip didn’t exactly go smoothly and we combi fed from a few weeks, which was perfect for our situation. Bee was a pro and breastfeeding with her has been a breeze, pretty much ‘textbook’ (whatever that is?!). Breastfeeding is something I looked forward to pre-motherhood, and I thought I’d be all earth-mother and breastfeed until they’re 2 or something. However, Pip gave up breastfeeding at 14 months and I offered a few times over the next day or so, just in case, but he refused. So that was that. And now Bee has done the same – I have had no say it! She was fussing a bit due to a blocked nose (which makes feeding difficult), and sat up in frustration. I asked her…

Me: “Would you like some more ‘bubbub'” *does the baby sign language sign for ‘milk’*
Bee: “na” *thrusts my boob away with her palm, shakes her head and does the sign for ‘drink’.*!!!

No misunderstanding there then!

There goes my big girl leaving nursery 🙂

It feels like the right time to stop, as our one feed a day first thing in the morning was starting to feel like an inconvenience, as lovely as it was. And Bee is really growing up so fast now. So I accepted that the last time I will ever breastfeed has passed, and had a nostalgic cry. We’re are certainly not having any more children after Pips traumatic birth and how poorly I was carrying Bee. So that’s that. Never going to experience breastfeeding ever again. I’m glad on both occasions that it’s happened like this. I don’t think I could have coped with making the decision and then sitting there feeding Bee for the last time, knowing it’s the last time we’d share that beautiful bonding experience *sob*. 

(Just wanted to add that I really appreciate that I have been very fortunate to be able to breastfeed. I know many wonderful mothers who have not been able to. I imagine this to be exactly the same as the last time you cradle you’re somewhat reluctant baby in your arms while trying to give them their last bottle feed that they’re chewing and kicking before you finally accept that that equally beautiful bonding experience has maybe passed its best!)

However… On the plus side, for the first time in almost four years I am no longer restricted in what drugs I can take due to being pregnant or breastfeeding. WAHOOOOOOOOO! This is by miles the best thing about stopping breastfeeding. Screw the booze, I’m a light weight anyway (half a bottle of wine and I’m snoring in a corner… Bodes well for our friends wedding tomorrow!)! So tonight I’m celebrating with one of these bad boys that’s been banned for sooooo long!!! 

\m/ So rock and roll! \m/

P.S. I have also had my hair restyled so I’m feeling like a new me 🙂 Pip and Bee picked out new do’s while they waited…




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