Day 3 of 30 Days Wild – Adventures at Arnside!

Another brief one today after nursery, so a quick whip over to Arnside for ice cream and bit of roaming on the grass by the estuary… Which turned into rolling down the grassy bank πŸ™‚ As well as the thrill from rolling, Pip discovered some of the different plants among the grass and was very curious about the seed heads swaying in the breeze.

Bee also partook in a bit of hill rolling, all be it by accident as she boldly took off toward the “Qyack qyacks”* from the top of the bank! (*every bird is currently a “qyack qyack”, in this case it was Black-Headed Gulls!). 

Although she never caught a Gull, her exploring did eventually lead her to a feather, which she enthusiastically waved around while saying “qyack qyack” repeatedly! I just love the look of pure glee on her face ☺️


We also enjoyed exploring the grass and mudflats. A real bonus that the tide happened to be out so we could pretty much just let Pip roam.  

On a previous visit to Arnside we were lucky enough to see Bay Search and Rescue practising, which Pip loved. He’s a big Fireman Sam fan and most of his role play revolves around rescuing people/inanimate objects! So when he wondered close to a bit of the wetter mud I explained that he should keep away from the wet mud here because he could get stuck it in, and we had a little stamp and he agreed that the mud felt sticky. And then Daddy pretended to be stuck (oh no! Hellllp!*waves arms*), and Pip hilariously took on the character of Fireman Sam, thrust his chin in the air and stuck out his chest, and exclaimed in his most authoritative voice…

“Oh! Are you stuck in the mud? I will rescue you!”

… Before promptly reaching out and pulling Daddy to safety! Bay SAR, I think you have a new recruit! (I’ll teach him about non-contact rescue soon enough… Is 3 years old too young for a throw line?! πŸ˜‰ Perhaps we should have fetched a stick as a reaching aid!)

I’ll leave with this, the grass stained knees which tell of a great time outdoors πŸ™‚



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