Day 4 of 30 Days Wild – Reach for the urban Trees!

Thanks for the title @wildlifebcn – Just Madified it a little 😉

Bee had her 1 year old jabs today so not being sure how she’d be afterwards I wasn’t expecting too much from today. She had three separate needles and wasn’t best pleased. If looks could kill then the poor nurse who did the jabs wouldn’t have made it past us leaving the room – Bee has quite the death stare! Luckily there’s some trees and benches right outside the surgery, so after initial cuddles we headed out there. 

The dappled light coming through the colourful leaves was beautiful, and Bee soon forgot about her little ordeal. The nature therapy really aided her recovery, not bad for a high street! So much so she totally forgot about her jabbed legs and started toddling off with her pushchair!

So far she’s been well and we managed a bit of time outside visiting our neighbours and licking leaves!

It finally looks like summer has arrived and we managed to BBQ this evening! Lovely to be out enjoying the fresh air until bed time – it made for some beautiful spontaneous sibling bonding 😍 Getting outside in nice weather does wonders for everyone 🙂



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