Day 8 of 30 Days Wild – Forty Five Flowers Found on Grange Prom, and a rescued bumble bee πŸ

We took the train to Grange-over-Sands today, which got Pip very excited! It’s such a beautiful rail journey, you see so much from the train. 

Bee spotted a heron (“Quack quack”, but we unserstood!), and we all enjoyed looking out over the salt marsh and estuary. Unless of course you were Bee, who spent half of the train ride licking the window…
 One day we’d like to do the whole way round the bay and beyond, but for now we didn’t want to venture too far without car backup with potty training toddler! 

The rest of the day was heavily human influenced ‘wild’, with the duckpond, followed by a walk down the prom. I set Pip the challenge of finding as many different flowers as he could. We talked about differences in colour and shape and size and how they grow. So despite them being planted, rather than wild, it was good practice in comparing features. I was surprised by how many we found! Instead of counting, I got Pip to point them out and I took a photo. Here they all are:

Here he is having a sniff. 


After some food, crazy golf (I gave up on the 9th), putting (I drew with hubby who plays off 6!) and boules (I disliked boules), we headed back through town and rescued this bumble bee from the middle of the pavement πŸ™‚


Despite Pip being his usual squeamish self he really enjoyed rescuing the bee and took on a leadership role rather than being hands on:

Pip: *assumes bossy voice* “Put the bee up here mummy so it can eat the flowers and get better!”


The train ride home was even more beautiful with the sun starting to set over the estuary at Arnside.


We even got to see where we’d been rolling down hills on ‘Day 3’! 


And finally, all that fresh air made for two sleepy siblings having a cuddle πŸ™‚



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