Day 11 of 30 Days Wild – Farm Fun 🐔

I know, I know – a farm isn’t ‘wild’, but that’s what Pip chose to do after preschool today! I also suggested Leighton Moss, but gotta let him decide sometimes… Though I’m disappointed by not getting cake, we did come home with the best steak pies EVER! 

I’m really keen to educate Pip and Bee in where their food comes from, so I do tell them (well, just Pip at the mo) as much as seems appropriate! I’m sure at some point they’ll suddenly understand and possibly be rather upset! But I feel it’s important that they appreciate the process behind getting food to their plates, the work that goes into it and eventually the concept of food miles. Maybe Pip will be less likely to waste as much food… Eventually 😣 

They always enjoy a tootle to Greenlands Farm, and we have annual passes so popping in for just an hour is doable. Bee enjoyed watching Turkeys from her tractor…


Pip got to feed some chickens, which was brave, for Pip!  


Oh yeah, and Bee sucked on a stone. But I didn’t get a picture. 😉


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