30 Days Wild Day 15 – Treasure Trolley of Textures and Tones!

Half way there, and 30 Days Wild is having a great effect on our family. The kids behave best when they’re playing outside, and it’s become ‘normal’ to get out and do something every day, even if it’s just 30 mins like this evening. 
We went out front and our neighbour and their children were there too. So they joined in our little ‘treasure hunt’ while their Dad weeded the border! Bee had her trolley and I sent Pip and J scavenging for items with various textures or colours. 


Smooth: slates, rough: bark, jagged: leaves, white: flowers, yellow: flowers, blue: flowers, and something that shouldn’t be there: paper, weeds and an elastic band were found!

In between each find they had the added challenge of finding where Bee had wheeled her trolley to and getting the items in without her swiping them!  


We had loads more fun than anticipated, much better with company đŸ™‚


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