30 Days Wild Day 18 – Late afternoon at Leighton Moss RSPB

We always have a great time at Leighton Moss. So when post playgroup Pip excitedly decided on a visit “TO SEE THE BIIIIRDS!” I was happy to oblige! So off we tootled. Because we only got there at gone 4pm, we thought we’d better have cake prior to exploring – most unorthodox! Gluten free brownie and locally produced apple juice 🙂 We like to do our bit to support local businesses and reduce ‘food miles’ 😉 Delicious on both counts. I’m now wondering if Orchard Barn do an adult version?! 😛


Pip wasn’t up for the “Sounds of the Woodland” trail quiz today, so we’ll be returning for that another day! Instead we stuck to the garden and close by. Which is a good job, because Pip decided to disgrace himself behind a sign. So, new pants, trousers and a wet boot later we headed to explore… where Daddy found and enjoyed the story chair!

We then saw some woodpeckers enjoying some easy pickings. Bee actually said “tweet tweet” for a change, rather than quack quack! But also screamed and shrieked with delight so much that I’m surprised they stuck around!


We headed to explore the willow tunnel…




 … And finally we built a hedgehog hotel! Sticks for strength, bark to insulate the floor, and a fallen leaves added in an attempt to weather proof it! I don’t think it would be getting 5 star reviews on ‘Twig Advisor’!

And finally Bee decided she didn’t like soil on her hands…  (This is the same girl who tried to eat a worm on Day 1!)

This will need to be rectified! 




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