30 Days Wild Day 22 – Humphrey Head Beach Clean Reconaissance Mission

I’ve been a little quiet on the 30 Days Wild front for a few days. We’ve been extremely busy because we are moving house this Friday! We have been doing something wild – I’ve just not had time to blog!

Today though, we did do something I need to blog about. As part of my job working for the Field Stidies Council at Castle Head, I have taken on the role of coordinating the beach cleans at a part of the local coastline which we use for activities – Humphrey Head. This is in partnership with Love My Beach (Morecambe Bay Partnership) and the Marine Conservation Society. 

So this afternoon, while entertaining the kids, we went on a reconnaissance mission to Humphrey Head. There was a bit of Cumbrian style congestion on the way down…


Cumbrian congestion

But it cleared and we made it!


Humphrey Head

I was shocked at the amount of litter down there, and saddened that so many people don’t take responsibility for their refuse.


Me: Pip, what do you think about all the litter?
Pip: It’s not nice.
Me: Should it be on the floor?
Pip: Nooo! It should be in a bin.

Even a 3 year knows! 

Pip is sad about the litter

I’m looking forward to getting it cleaned up! If you’re local or fancy a visit and would like to help me out, the next beach clean at Humphrey Head is Sunday 19th July 10am-12noon! Everyone is welcome, bring gloves! Litter pickers etc provided. Email me for info etc. (maddy.ch@field-studies-council.org) . I’m hoping that Pip and Bee can come along with Nanny and Grandpa šŸ™‚ 

After our reccy, we climbed up a little path into the woods from the car park. Pip didn’t enjoy the down climb…

But just look how proud he was when he’d done it! 


It’s nearly always worth that little bit extra encouragement šŸ™‚

After a successful Reconaissance mission, we hit a traffic jam on the way back. It was really plodding…

Cumbrian traffic jam


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