30 Days Wild Day 23 – Rescued a mouse where I work at Castle Head FSC :)

I wasn’t going to use anything that happened in my job as a 30 Days Wild tick – feels a bit like cheating when you work in a field studies centre! But today at work we rescued a mouse – hopefully!

This little lady (presumed through lack of accessories) was in the middle of our main drive, not running away. So I decided we should move her before she got squished by a car or smothered in “awwwwwwws” by primary school pupils.


I used a leaf to pick her up so I didn’t humanify her (technical term I n Madified language for putting human scent on her). And we put her in the undergrowth nearby. She clearly had an injured leg as she was barely able to hop around. But an hour later I went back to check and she’d gone. So fingers crossed she’s scampered off to make a full recovery 🙂



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