30 Days Wild Grand Finale – Is there anything more wild and free than naked frolicking babies?

So sad it’s the end of 30 Days Wild! Although we did previously try and do wild things frequently, doing them every day did prove a challenge, especially with moving house last week! But we now know it can be done and I’ve learnt how easy it is just to nip here or there even if just for a few minutes. 

Although we have connected with nature in some way every day (helped by a nice new garden and fields behind), I haven’t had the time or energy to blog it all. It’s definitely had an impact on the kids. Especially evident when Pip’s response to “What is something Mummy does with you?” was “Play outside”☺️

But right now I’m out in the garden after nursery, with my toes in a paddling pool. I’m watching a butt naked Pip and Bee frolick in the water and grass, feeling the wind on their, erm, cheeks. And I’m curious as to whether there’s any feeling more wild and free? 


 But I’m not curious enough to try it… We’ve only met our new neighbours once. I like them. I don’t want to scare them or scar them, so I’ll remain clothed! I’ll stick to being a naturalist, rather than naturist. (Being dyslexic, I’m often worried about turning up naked to a wildlife event, or had nightmares about David Attenborough, the famous naturist…)

Anyway, this heat has got to me and I’m starting to waffle like a crazy person.  ☀️☀️☀️😜☀️☀️☀️😜☀️😜


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