Nature Tots at RSPB Leighton Moss – bug hunt and smelly cocktails :)

Finally we managed to make it to a Nature Tots session at Leighton Moss! A real bargain at £2 for adult members and the tots are free! (£5 adult non-members).

“Whatever the weather, come along with your little nippers (4s and under) for this interactive experience with nature. All sessions are themed (eg slugs, worms, sticks) and include a story, outdoor play, songs and refreshments. No need to book, just roll up!”

It’s the kind of session I most enjoy teaching at work, and sometimes do a little bit of with Pip and Bee. So it was lovely to be able to go along and just participate and enjoy it with my kids and everyone else who was there… Great turnout today! 

Apparently it started with a story… But we didn’t experience that as we were a little bit late and fumbled in just everyone was heading back out! Oops! 

Next (or firstly, for us) we headed to the orchard to go bug hunting. Bee loved the magnifying glass…

And Pip was dead chuffed about finding a wood louse (with help from one of the lovely assistants – very impressed and appreciative that they recognised I had my hands full with these two ☺️).

Pip was too chuffed with his wood louse to search for anything else! But we were shown a newt that had been found 🙂 And we got to share what everyone else found too.

Smelly cocktails in the herb garden was next… Which reminded me I need to get a new herb garden going in our new house! 

Of course Bee tasted it too! I’m not sure what this reaction means?!

The session finished with refreshments (not the aforementioned cocktails) back in the education room – well needed on a sunny day like today!

The next session is Tuesday 4th August, I think the theme will be Owls and something else (my attention was split 3 ways when we were told!). Wish we could make it because today was fab! 


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