Poorly Pip, it would seem he’s a Coeliac (Celiac in US)

It’s been a worrisome few days (or weeks) in the Madified household. Poor Pip has had a poorly tummy on and off for quite some time and recently he’s lost a lot of energy, weight and muscle tone. We did wonder if some of his apparent lethargy at home was because he just wanted to watch How To Train Your Dragon ALLLLL the time. But after nursery kept a detailed diary on him we discovered he’s the same there – plays for maybe an hour a day and spends the rest of the time lying down somwhere 😦 . Given my medical history (I had cancer in my teens), I’m quite aware of what those symptoms could mean. So I eagerly consulted Dr Google to find lesser evils to explain it. At an appointment last Mon the Dr had mentioned Coeliac and got Pip a hospital referral. But the appt came through for in 3 weeks time. I had a vague awareness of coeliac as I’m being tested for it myself, but had never read list of symptoms for children (https://www.coeliac.org.uk/coeliac-disease/coeliac-disease-in-children/ ) . It fit the bill perfectly for Pip. Unfortunately, you need to be eating gluten to have the blood test for coeliac, so it would have meant pretty much poisoning Pip for another three weeks until the hospital appointment. So after seeing how lethargic Pip was at nursery, I hijacked my GP appointment on Weds and got Pip seen instead. She agreed he needed seeing sooner than 3 weeks, and that afternoon we got a referral to the hospital. Our NHS is wonderful πŸ™‚

We had to wait a long time on the children’s unit, but that’s ok as other children were prioritised. It was gone 11pm by the time he finally had his bloods taken. And ever since we got there at half 6, he played and ran around and demonstrated the most energy we’d seen from him in 2 months, making us look like worrying  lying frauds πŸ˜‚ He was fantastic though, we’re so proud of how grown up, compliant and brave he was. We were very keen to explain everything to him in language he would understand. I remember from when I was ill as a teenager it meant so much that the drs spoke to me not just my parents, and explained it to me. So Pip got a very vague lesson in the human body and how “you have blood in your body that your heart whooshes round your body to power it all. And the Dr is going to poke a little hole and take some of the blood because it can tell them lots of things that are going on inside your body and can help them work out why you’re poorly”. 


getting his magic cream on before his blood test


Arranging the stickers that he got for being good


Having his blood test! he was really interested in what they were doing. very impressed with him ☺️


They allowed us home and we returned Thursday morning for the results. Fortunately, the only thing that came back from his bloods was anaemia, which fits in with the malabsorption caused by coeliac. Such a massive relief as that should rule out anything more sinister going on. We could have had such a different day.

Pip really charmed the nurses throughout his visits! πŸ˜‡ The nurse who looked after us yesterday said that they were fighting after him on hand-over and that the previous nurse had said “ohhhh, little Pip, he’s sooooooooo cuuuuuute!” 😍 

Pip also said “I am little now, but when I’m big I will be a Doctor.” Completely matter of factly while playing with a tractor and a dragon. Aim high, my son πŸ™‚ He’s already such a caring, compassionate, helpful little thing and tries to look after me when I’ve got headache, I could imagine him in some sort of medical/caring career. Glad Nanny and Grandpa got him a medical kit for his birthday! 

We recieved great care at the RLI childrens unit. Really impressed with the lovely hardworking staff. Ceri looked after is on Thursday, and really pulled out all the stops to get us seen by the dietician and ran down to pharmacy herself all in time for us to get back to collect Bee from nursery. The ward is setup brilliantly with great facilities for the kids and parents. A really positive experience πŸ™‚ 

Anyways, that’s why we’ve been a bit quiet the last week. Hopefully we can get him on the mend now and start enjoying getting out and about again πŸ™‚ 

I’ll leave you with this photo of Bee, walking with dinosaurs in the hospital play room…



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