Next I’ll be singing Jerusalem and wearing gardening clogs.

No, really. While in the garden centre the other day I saw some gardening clogs…

… And I thought to myself:

“Ooh! They’d be so much better than my crocs as they wouldn’t let soil inthe holes!”

I have since had words with myself, because it’s already bad enough that I wear crocs to do the gardening (and hang washing washing out etc), let alone considering clogs😳

Anyways, today I headed out in the garden, in my crocs, to pick some of our raspberries. Bumper crop – over 800g!

Just enough to make jam for the first time 🙂

It tasted nice… Now just to hope it sets 🙂
Update: I made actual jam and it’s delicious! It really does taste ‘fresh’. Mmmmmm 😊



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