Adventures in Silecroft: Beachcombing, Footgolf, and beautiful scenery :)

Had a fun packed morning at Silecroft with the lovely inlaws, including hubby’s sister and family who live in France πŸ™‚

There was the usual stone loving from Bee…

And I dabbled in a bit of environmental art. Very zen…

We discovered a starfish…

And poked a jellyfish with a razor clam shell. Like you do…

We then headed over through the wild flowers and butterflies, admiring the nautical hut in the background…

And had a go at “Footgolf” at Silecroft golf club…

Which is pretty much what it says on the tin – you kick a football into a giant hole with a flag.

Bee wasn’t to bothered about Footgolf, and it was also nap time. So here’s a sleepy babywearing selfie in front of Black Combe…

Lovely morning. Was great listening to the waves crash into the pebbly beach too, bliss 🌊


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Silecroft: Beachcombing, Footgolf, and beautiful scenery :)

  1. markrickerby says:

    As you can probably guess by my last name, my ancestors started out in England, so I actually have no business living on a desert plateau. I was a surfer when I was younger and struggled futilely to be a bronzed sun god when I should have been skipping through misty forests shooting arrows like my ancestors did. I’ve had skin cancer (fortunately benign) twice and no longer worship the sun. In fact, I now put on sunscreen in case I walk by an open window. haha So skin cancer and premature aging are things you don’t have to worry about. (Pollution, gangs, crime and traffic jams also come to mind.) In short, I’m envious of the north of England. Maybe we should do a house swap for a while! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, English skin doesn’t do bronzed sun god! Having lived in Australia for a year I can appreciate the envy. We’ve had a lovely sunny 18*C day today – perfect! Wish we had just a few more of them but I couldn’t cope with mid 20’s-30’s*C all the time – I’d melt! But it’s a welcome occasional novelty!


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