Malham again – loo with a view and other experiences.

Life Unexpected

Following on from our jolly to Malham Tarn FSC last week, we returned this weekend to return the borrowed kit, and stayed overnight in the town.

On Friday we took advantage of the nice weather and headed out for a walk, despite only setting off at 4:30pm! We’re normally heading home at that time, but had a late start as Daddy had to sleep post night shift. Pip did a fair bit of walking which is still great to see after being so poorly.  We also carried Pip and Bee in our Connecta baby/toddler carriers which are fab 🙂 


We decided to head to Janet’s Foss, a lovely little waterfall less than 2 miles from the centre of Malham. On the way there we came across the fallen trees with all the coins in for the Faeries 🙂


So we left out own… Precariously wedged into an existing hole. I don’t hold out much hope of it being there next time we visit! Or even now, to be honest 😂

Janet’s Foss is even prettier than I remember it. Which is possibly because the last time I was there could have been on a rainy hike with my late father! It was nice to remember family visits then as it would have been his birthday the day before 🙂

Once we made it, a nice couple who were visiting from down south were kind enough to take a picture for us, so here is a very rare occurance: all 4 of us looking at the camera and not a selfie! 

… All four of us might not be happy about this, but we are all facing forwards! Next up, obligatory babywearing selfie…

And then this happened…

Pip: “I need a poo!”

 So there he went, a poo on a loo with a view. How life has changed. *sigh* Thank goodness for potettes though! I shan’t tell you what that is dangling from the rucksack on our way up to Gordale Scar.   
The photos of Gordale Scar really don’t do it justice. It’s much more impressive and we had fun with echoes, echoes, echoes, echoes.

We then took the shortcut back to the hostel where we chose our beds before going down for tea.


We were extremely impressed with everything about Malham YHA. The accommodation and facilities were bang on and above all the staff were fantastic and friendly and could not have been more accommodating of Pip’s coeliac requirements.

In anticipation of the four of us sharing a room, we treated ourselves to a bottle of wine and made sure the kids were super tired by having an hour in he lounge.


Pip and Bee had a great time playing and we enjoyed the calm before the storm! Here’s a pic of the small ones enjoying a bit of top bunk peek-a-boo-img before bed 🙂
Bee woke a couple of times in the night, but otherwise we slept well. These two were still worn out on Sat morning though! So we had another play/chill out in the lounge after breakfast while we decided what to do with our morning.


We then headed out to buy new wayerproofs for Pip. I heard we would need them for part two of our adventure, which I will blog about separately! 

Here’s a clue…



5 thoughts on “Malham again – loo with a view and other experiences.

  1. I love your family photo, I know how hard it can be to get 4 people all looking at the camera at once and what a great back drop for your photo. I love the look of the YHA, we stayed at Malham Tarn at the research centre when I was at uni and I really wanted to go back again with the boys, maybe youth hosteling is the way forward. I love your carriers too, we have a Manduca for A, but need to get the toddler size now as he’s outgrowing standard, I’m thinking of getting a Tula as they are so comfy and have lovely patterns. Thanks for linking up your fantastic trip at Malham to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha I love the loo with the view!! Malham sounds great. We’re looking to go on a staycation and somewhere like here sounds perfect. Lots of outdoorsy things to do. I’m glad you got to enjoy a nice bottle of wine together. Also I really want one of these carriers to take Evie around in, they look brilliant!! I’ve just noticed the link you’ve left for Jenny above, that sort of thing would really suit my family too, I’m definitely going to check it out now. Thank you so so much for linking this to #whatevertheweather x

    Liked by 1 person

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