A Forbidden Corner in the Yorkshire Dales… And another loo with a view 😂

Adventure, mystery and down right oddness awaited us after our rainy morning drive from Malham.

Life Unexpected


With the whole family togged up head to toe in waterproofs (We read the reviews, and went prepared 😉), we obediently followed the sat nav and arrived at the Forbidden Corner, near Leyburn, possibly illegally. This  confusion and strangeness only helped set the mood for what was going to be a day unlike any other!

However, said mood was punctuated  somewhat by picnicking in the car with a 1 and 3 yr old because it was chucking it down outside. It’s quite possible that picnicking in the rain would have been easier. At least the car wouldn’t have looked like a food waste bin.

Finally the feeding frenzy finished and we headed on in like intrepid explorers ready to discover all the secrets the Forbidden Corner was holding. We were pointed in the right direction by this friendly fellow with his appropriately placed acorns.

I love the appropriately placed acorns! Subtle!

Intrepid explorers turned to terrified toddlers when it was time to enter the dinosaurs mouth with its burps and wiggly epiglotus (or whatever the dangly bit in your throat is called!). With much reassurance and carrying, we all made it through to get pooped out the other end – much to Pips amusement (poo and related subjects are the most hilarious thing in the world right now).

Shortly after, we regrouped and debriefed. And played cards with bears.

  Bee wasn’t so keen, but Pip got all brave and gave one a hug. 

We then ventured further into the folly and much more creepyness and oddities were found.  

Splashing in a puddle on a tomb stone (its not real, btw!)

There’s no specific route round and we didn’t have a map, which really adds to the enjoyment and discovery. Instead you get a photo collage of the main features to tick off as you see them, so you can work out how much you’ve seen. 


There’s so so many hidden surprises, and this place just cannot be captured on camera. You have to experience it first hand. It felt to me like I was on the set of a twisted Alice in Wonderland movie/perfume advert, and some lost looking waif like girl would run through any moment in a floaty white dress and bare feet looking over her shoulder as if something was chasing her! It’s really hard to explain what it’s like, but I’d recommend a visit! Kids might get scared… We have very few photos because we spent the best bits carrying them! But here’s a few more to tickle your tastebuds. Including Pip’s second loo with a view in as many days 😂

They loved all the squirty water bits!    
And running through tunnels…

And choosing which gates and doors to go through…

Perhaps not so keen on being put on a giant mousetrap. Hmm, bad parenting!

We spent 4 hours exploring round as much as we could, and there were still bits we didn’t manage to find! We then got tea in the cafe who managed to rustle up gluten free chips and beans for Pip. 

Finally, we decided to have a look in this tree on our way back to the car… It was awesome! The four or us could have fit inside, if the small ones complied! 
We will definitely visit again sometime to find the things we didn’t this time, and to see what else gets added as there was development going on in various places. 

Unforgettable, and definitely…



18 thoughts on “A Forbidden Corner in the Yorkshire Dales… And another loo with a view 😂

  1. Oooh we went there last year when we were on holiday and loved it! Well I say we loved it, my husband and I did, the then 3 year old was terrified! We couldn’t get him in the mouth to start with so went round the side, my dad and I went round the other side and promptly lost the other 3. Not a great start, but eventually got our way back out to find the others!! My favourite place was the building and appearing back through different doors, we’ll definitely go back when O is older. Your boys are very brave and love that Pip had a loo with a view!! A fantastic to place to visit.
    Thanks for linking up to #whatevertheweather 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe, it is really scarey for them, our two were terrified too… But we’d paid good money so we were going in! All Pip talks about is the bird in the house that wees on you! My fave bit was the rotating room with all the doors, so much fun 😂
      I’m pretty new to blogging, so was really happy to find the linking up thing 🙂 Thank you! X


  2. THIS LOOKS AMAZING! I really want to go here it looks incredible. Thank you so much for sharing it. I hate that Yorkshire is so far away from where I am but this is an amazing excuse to visit for a staycation. I love the sound of it, it sounds a bit fairytale esque as well and with so much to explore. Very alice in wonderland, which is one of my all time favourite stories. Thank you so so much for linking this to #whatevertheweather x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for choosing my post as you’re favourite! I really am delighted… Perhaps a little too much! But I have spent the day in the office at work, so that’s my excuse! Thanks again for the linky opportunity, #whatevertheweather is right up my street 🙂


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