Cinderbarrow: Miniature train rides and a nappy hat tradition…

On Sunday my friend H and I found ourselves husbandless with a toddler and preschooler each. So we decided on strength in numbers and tackled the day together. We headed out to Cinderbarrow…

“This fantastic little railway is open to the public for rides on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays between Easter and the end of September – weather permitting!”

… I’d not realised we’re now only a few minutes drive away! 

 It’s a fab little place, with plenty of parking, an enclosed grassy picnic area with a few picnic benches, and the trains are run on a voluntary basis by Lancaster and Morecambe Model Engineering Society for a suggested donation of £1 per rider. Pip and his best friend B we’re in their element! They were so excited to ride the trains, and were entertained for ages just watching them go round!

The last time we went there was over 2 years ago, with the same friends. That visit was a spur of the moment thing, and we didn’t have sun hats… H improvised with a nappy, so we naturally followed suit! Here’s B and Pip a couple of years ago…  

We therefore decided for a laugh to don Bee and S with similar attire, starting a new ‘tradition’!  

I love how in both above pictures , one of the bairns is looking at the other as if to say “WHAT is THAT on your head? You look like a fool!” while unwittingly sporting the same attire! 😂


We also thought that Pip and B should join the tradition, big boy style… 

There was also a hidden bonus: holes in the ground perfectly sized for preschoolers!    


Life Unexpected

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