T-Rex goes to the dentist! How to do the dentist with a toddler and pre-schooler.

Myself, Pip and Bee had our check-up at the dentist this week. The practice and dentist are fab, and so incredibly accommodating of the little ones – I actually love it! Despite this, on our previous visit, Pip kept his gnashers clamped shut. I thought he might do better this time anyway, but deployed a plan B just in case… In the form of Pips giant T-Rex! Who donned Bee’s handbag while in the waiting area so is now nicknamed “Tranny-saurus Rex” between Daddy and I! 

The dentist, as always, was great with the kids. I got checked first with Bee watching intently from my lap, while Pip sat on one of the comfy chairs or wondered round the room examining the equipment. 

Bee was next, who clamped her mouth shut! It was her first appointment and just needed ‘checking’ to get registered. So I gently prized open her mouth so the dentist could ‘look’ for the sake of the paperwork.

Can you guess who was next? Pip decided the order we got checked, so of course next up was “Big Buddy”!  

But Big Buddy (aka Tranny-saurus) needed help to sit on the chair, so Pip bravely took on that role.

The lovely dentist then proceeded to check Big Buddy’s teeth and chat with Pip – he got quite a thorough examination! The conclusion was that Big Buddy has more teeth than Rory (Sorry, blurry pic!)

It’s the first time that Pip has sat in the chair without me, and he did brilliantly when it was his turn. I was very proud 🙂 He loves helping others, so helping Big Buddy first prepared him perfectly for his go.

 Pip, Bee and Big Buddy all got stickers. And the dentist didn’t loose any fingers (and I don’t just mean from Big Buddy!)

We feel very lucky to have such an accommodating dental practice. Pip and Bee have accompanied me to my appointments since they were only a few weeks/months old. This is something my dentist is really supportive of as it normalises the experience so they’re less likely to be frightened as they grow older. Unfortunately, I’ve heard from others’ experiences that this isn’t always the case. A real shame because it has certainly helped my two feel comfortable going to the dentist.

…This comfort may have been diminished by what happened next… Read the follow on blog to find out!



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