What happened next in Kendal… (follow on from T-Rex goes to the dentist)

I thought I’d leave the positive part of the dentist visit in a nice separate blog! Here’s the link to what happened first : T-Rex goes to the dentist! How to do the dentist with a toddler and pre-schooler. | Madified Mum


 A tale of hospitals, coeliac cuisine, new shoes and riverside walks ensued. Here’s what happened next…

Fingers were to be the downfall of our otherwise successful dentist trip, for as I was sorting out our next appointments, Pip ad Bee between them managed to get Bee’s fingers trapped in the glass panel door 😦 She was still screaming if I touched it after about 30 mins, so decided I’d better get her checked to be on the safe side. Westmorland General has a minor injuries unit thing rather than full on A&E, so I figured it wouldn’t take too long… I was mistaken. After being there 30 mins and Bee’s fingers miraculously curing themselves just by entering the building, I considered leaving. I’ve got plenty of first aid experience from my job, especially with this kind of thing, and I could tell she was fine. But I decided to stay and be sure seeing as if signed in and everything. Perhaps it’s a British thing! It definitely felt like a stupid thing after waiting another 2 hours for one minute with a doctor to tell me what I’d already concluded 2 hours previously. I actually feel guilty – next time I’m in a similar situation I’ll leave and save the NHS time and paperwork!

On the plus side our detour to the hospital did give Daddy time to wake up from nights and join us in Kendal for a rather late lunch. We went to the Cottage Kitchen (opposite Beales) where everything on their menu has a gluten free alternative. Very impressive. We were blown away with the quality of the food there. The kids got served first and shared a portion of gluten free fish and chips, the first Pip’s had since being diagnosed coeliac. Obviously we had to try a little… It was amazing! Daddy and I were starting to regret our choice of burgers (the non-gluten free option)! That was until these beasts turned up…

Absolutely amazing and delicious!

I can highly recommend the Cottage Kitchen, gluten free or not. It doesn’t look like much from the outside. If I hadnt googled for “gluten free Kendal” I would have walked straight past this place whether looking for GF or not. But the food and service is worthy of the best Gastro pub/café. 

We then went to get Pip and Bee new  shoes. They had both grown – Bee by 2 sizes in a couple of months! Crikey! 

After that we headed back to the dentist to let them know Bee was fine and thanked the lovely practice manager again for helping us back to the car parked 10 mins away! And also to settle up the bill that had gone out of the window in all the drama! Nearly got away with that!

We were left with enough time to take a very detoured route back via the River Kent (side of, not in!) which was lovely in the late afternoon autumn sunshine. We even saw a salmon leap out of the water which took Pip by suprise! He almost jumped out of his skin! His little face was a picture, I wish I could have got a photo! I did get one enjoying the bouncy bridge 😉


 It ended up being a really nice day if you forget about our 3 hours in the hospital!


2 thoughts on “What happened next in Kendal… (follow on from T-Rex goes to the dentist)

  1. I’m glad Bee was ok in the end! What a day, our kids are always making a liar out of me at hospital. It’s what they do ^_^. How exciting to see salmon leaping! It’s something I would love to see. Nice to have a lovely end to an otherwise busy and probably stressful day.

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