A trip to Lakeland LTD – with a super new Soft Play area and great cafe with gluten free options :)

My husband and I decided to bite the bullet and buy an electric blanket. The new house is a bit chilly and my husband struggles to heat himself up, so extra layers don’t help much (I swear he’s endothermic). We don’t want to put the heating on just to heat the bed before we get in, so we looked on a particular massive online shop for reviews and ideas. After having a good laugh at the ‘people who bought this also bought…’ items (they included supplements for joint pain, incontinence pads and vitamins for cats), we decided on a Lakeland LTD one. We shop there a fair bit with it being local, and their products and customer service are always excellent. 

Having no plans with the kids after swimming I decided to ‘click and collect’ and head up to the Windermere Lakeland superstore and treat us to lunch. The cafe is very popular so there is generally a bit of a wait… Not a bad thing if you enjoy browsing the shop and filling a trolley with too many things you didn’t realise you needed! Unfortunately, this isn’t something a pre-schooler and toddler enjoy. (I know this from experience).

However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Lakeland have opened a brand spanking new soft play area next to the cafe! 


It’s suitable for unders 5’s and was perfect for Pip and Bee while we waited for our food buzzer to go off. It’s designed to look like a lake and surroundings, very fitting for the location. And the sit on animals are ducks and sheep! There’s a bridge to climb up and over and slide down or jump off, and a tunnel underneath to crawl or peek-a-boo theough.


They’re also some coloured shapes to pop out and sort (or, if you’re Pip, build a tower with on the bridge…), lift the flap sensory squares, and some squares with various fastenings for fine motor skills. They really add a bit of variety in which is great if razzing around like a nutter isn’t your toddler/pre-schoolers cup of tea! There’s also some counting of clouds and coloured butterflies to be had.


It’s big and open enough for you to accompy your child in, but small enough for little ones to confidently go in on their own while you supervise from the seating area. I didn’t find out if you could take a cuppa to the seat though. ☕️

The food was excellent and worth the wait. I had a delicious new dish they’re doing – tagliatelle with wild mushrooms and walnuts in a blue cheese sauce. It was sooooooo good!


Pip gave a big thumbs up to his gluten free cheese and ham sandwich. 


He ate all of it so was allowed some gluten free ginger cake for afters. (Which disappeared so quickly that I didn’t get a photo!). Bee and I shared a piece of the carrot cake. It was the single most bestestly wonderful carrot cake I’ve ever eaten! I really struggled to share it with Bee – I must realy love her!


After managing to just browse the store before picking up the electric blanket, I escaped spending no extra money! Even though Pip tried it on by pointing to the writing non a toy and saying “Look Mummy! It says Pip can have this!”. Yeah yeah, nice try kid! He entertained the other customers within earshot though! Before coming home we decided to drive down to have ten mins at the lake. But when we got there I realised that Pip had left his new gilet at Lakeland! He must have taken it off when I was paying… I wouldn’t be surprised if it was on purpose so we had to go back to the soft play! Luckily it was there at the soft play when we went back, but Pip did not get treated for his carelessness. And nor did I for not realising he’d removed it – Id hoped to avoid battling through the traffic again!

I’m really looking forward to taking them again – I’m hoping I can grab a brew while they have a play, post ‘browsing’ 😉



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