Sacrificing My Sanity for some Time Outdoors…

Sometimes they’re little angels. And other times you’re hiding behind a pillow googling adoption agencies while chaos is being created around you. This morning was one of the latter. However, the weather was on my side today so escaping outdoors for a play in ‘our’ field (it’s not actually our field) seemed like a great idea. The kids are always so much better behaved when they get to roam free outside, rather than being cooped up and stifled inside. So I put the the idea to Pip and Bee and they were all for it. So we got ready…


40 minutes of this and we finally left the house. I was no longer talking because, well, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

I breathed a big sigh of relief as we trudged down the drive and the screaming stopped. And then happy sounds came out of the children! Yesssss! 

We got to the field and I dramatically exclaimed “BE FREE, SMALL HUMANS!!” At which point they were supposed to go frolicking off into the field like a scene from ‘Little House on the the Prairie’, and I’d get to relax and smile happily as I watched them play. 

Instead, Bee sat down on the spot and resumed her screaming and Pip clamped himself to my leg, whinging and grasping for my hand. 


So toddler on my shoulders and Pre-schooler firmly attached to my hand, we headed up into the field.

I *love* blindly walking round fields with a disgruntled toddler on my shoulders.

 We found sheep tracks. Apparently sheep are creatures of habit and rather like having their own little footpaths. There were no sheep to be seen in ‘our’ field. So I asked Pip if we should follow the sheep track to see if it led to the sheep. He was now eager to let go of my hand, but there still appeared to be a 2 meter force field that resulted in crying if I stepped further away. 


We did indeed find the sheep in the field next door. And we also discovered our shadows, which were very long in the winter morning sun.

After finding one flock, Pip was eager to keep following the sheep track further to see it there were more. It lead us to a hole in the fence, which was sheep sized, not person sized. So Pip had a spy through and saw some more sheep, but there ended our sheep hunt. 


Back down nearer our house Bee got a bit braver and let me put her down, the literal weight off my shoulders giving me that odd feeling of floating up into the air!

When we got back in Bee was suitably tired from the fresh air so went for a nap (hurrah!), and Pip resumed playing… Or whinging about everything and nothing (boooooo :(). “Iiii WANT the traaaaaain track ouuuuuuut” said repeatedly in the most annoying whiny voice ever, was my sound track for the next 20 minutes, despite my reminder to Pip that I can only hear him when he asked nicely in a normal voice with good manners. Eventually he realised.


Was getting out this morning worth my efforts/stress/nervous breakdown? For the kids, yes. I’m sure all they’ll remember is that they went into the field and found sheep by following the sheep track – exciting! For me, not so much! I’m now exhausted, aching, my head is like blancmange, and I’m currently writing this from Pip’s toddler bed while he plays with his trains. 

But like we all do, I’ve sacrificed myself for my kids! 

Life Unexpected

4 thoughts on “Sacrificing My Sanity for some Time Outdoors…

  1. Ha ha! This sounds so familiar! I am also sick of trains, my 4 year old has been obsessed since he was 1. The first photo is completely what happens when we’re going out, I can give as much warning as possible to my eldest, but just as little and I are ready he decides he wants to play and doesn’t want to go to the toilet, doesn’t want to get jackets on and instead of playing just trys to upset his little brother. If I try to keep quiet and not say anything he gets upset and asks why I’m not answering/talking to him…. Argh! Outdoors is so much better, at least when you can get them to explore! Love the hat over he eyes photo!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  2. chloelifeunexpected says:

    Awww this sounds like our house. If it helps, you’re not alone!!! I’m glad they had a great run around and I always feel so much better for being outdoors myself, but you’re so right, it’s exhausting! I really don’t know how you do it with two! So much admiration. Thank you so much for linking to #whatevertheweather xx

    Liked by 1 person

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