Campervan Adventures: Storms, a bad choice of car park and a tow home from Scunthorpe = home early!

Well, that was… Erm… Memorable. Yes, we’ll not be forgetting this trip in a hurry! There were many good points, but I think the universe has told us in no uncertain terms, that camper vanning is not for us!

Firstly, an over 6ft husband who doesn’t like confined spaces (not claustrophobic, but he doesn’t do well cooped up), should have clued me in to this eventually failing. I really enjoyed the van and the kids thought it was really exciting. But Daddy had other views. And I think Pip probably isn’t one for being cooped up either!


our makeshift playpen!

We did, however, manage to make it to the North East and camped in he national park near Kielder. The Stars were amazing and the facilities and staff at Bellingham Camping and Caravaning Club were great. 

The next morning we met a family from Australia with kids the same age as Pip and Bee. They’d been touring round Europe towing caravan for the last year! Inspirational!

We then headed towards Newcastle to make use of the 4G to replan our next move due to the incoming storms and severe weather warnings for Scotland, our initial destination. After spending our first night on our drive, pretty much under the only patch of weather warning, we figured we’d avoid any more! 


Our first night in the camper van was at home, pretty much under the weather warning..,

We decided to head south after a stop for food and a visit to the Angel of the North.

We ended up in Bridlington, a favourite of mine when growing up in Yorkshire. However, we arrived at night and only the security guard was there and had no idea of our earlier booking. He then took the best part of an hour to sort us out. *sigh* But alas, we finally got to pitch and sleep.

The next day we headed to The Deep in Hull, which was AWESOME! So awesome I will do a separate blog for that at some point. I think this was the highlight of the trip for us all. It’s only about 30 mins from my Aunties though, so not somewhere we’d need to be on holiday for. 

That is actual ‘reef’, not a picture! and that is Bee’s posed smile 😆

But that evening I made a bad choice…

My Aunt was away so we decided to ‘wild camp’ in a car park in nearby woodland. Which would have been fine if said car park didn’t have other uses at night time. In the day people walk their dogs… At night I think a similarly named activity occurs! We heard cars coming and going (pun unintended), but fortunately didn’t get a knock on the door! 

Do NOT camp here…

And then it got worse. We awoke the next morning to a flat tyre. We tried to change it but it was properly stuck. Even when hubby jumped up and down on the crank!

Good job we had the rain cover for the buggy 😉

So we got someone out who changed it. But then they also said that both back tyres and spare were too worn (we really should have noticed this!). After a trip to a garage in Scunthorpe they deemed it unsafe due to wear on the brake disks and pads. So, eventually, after 8 hours stuck in Scunthorpe, we got towed back home to Cumbria. Which Pip loved! So that was possibly his favourite bit! (We have got all our money back for the hire!)

Watching the camper get loaded onto the van… from F&B’s… in Scunthorpe.

In conclusion we have decided that a camper van is not for us. Even if we’d not had the issues with vehicle, our decision would have been the same. We’re just gutted we didn’t get to carry on our adventure and visit relatives down south 😦
Here’s some General campervan adventure piccies…


We’ll now be looking at other options for our 5 weeks round Europe next summer! 

Life Unexpected

8 thoughts on “Campervan Adventures: Storms, a bad choice of car park and a tow home from Scunthorpe = home early!

    • I think I’d need to shrink my husband! I loved it, but he couldn’t cope with having to move everything round and got all ratty and stressed! Not fun for any of us! I would try it again in the future, but it’s definitely not the way to do our 5 week trip round Europe next year! I’d possible murder my husband 😉


  1. Oh no! That definitely sounds like an adventure though! Awful that they hadn’t checked the tyres for you before you went off! The car park fiasco does sound bad and yes we did have a rather windy evening last week up here, but at least you got home safely and had some fun times driving around. Maybe camping in Europe next year?
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. chloelifeunexpected says:

    Wow this really was an adventure. I don’t think this would be for me either. I’d much rather travel around to hostels, hotels or via car or public transport. I’d get too cabin feverish in a camper van. I’m sorry the journey wasn’t the best! At least you’ve got a funny tale to tell, some fun memories and The Deep in Hull looks like so much fun. Your pictures are really lovely too and I adore the colours around the angel in the North. I hope you enjoy Europe next year. Definitely try camping and hostels instead of campervanning though. Thank you so, so much for linking to #whatevertheweather xx

    Liked by 1 person

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