2015’s been a game changer!

Here I go with a post reflecting on the past year. How very clichéd of me! This year has really been very eventful and life has changed a lot. So I feel I’d be doing life an injustice if I didn’t do a blog about it! 
We started the year relatively healthily, living in the house my husband bought before we met. We’ve ended the year with a new house, 2 new cars, 2 life changing medical conditions and a new job title between us. How did we get here?!

Firstly little Bee was born with a hole at the base of her back. Its called a Sacral Dimple. If it is open and tracks through to the spine, there is a risk of development issues. Bee’s was found to track through so she required an MRI under sedation at Manchester Children’s Hopspital to check it out. Fortunately, it’s not ‘tethered’ so is unlikely to cause any future issues. We just need to shove loads of bum cream up her ass crack to stop it getting infected 😉

Also early 2015 we decided to move house. So we spent every spare minute of the first few months painting our somewhat grubby home from top to toe. It was exhausting. But it paid off! We sold the house for the asking price in just 5 HOURS of going live!!! The next day we had our offer accepted on the house that we liked! And with a bit (lot) of pushing the solicitors pulled their fingers outback got us moved in 6 weeks. We absolutely love it here and are so happy. Fab location and lovely neighbours and village 🙂

As we were getting ready to move, one of our cars started playing up. So we decided to get rid and get a little run around. We got it the day before moving!

Shortly after moving, however, we noticed Pip wasn’t quite himself. He seemed to be loosing energy and weight in front of our eyes and would often down most of his day laying down somewhere, even at nursery. He was also having lots of diahorrea and bloating and tummy pain.

The doctors suspected coeliac so we pushed for an urgent blood test so we could take him off gluten. Thankfully he improved dramatically after this simple dietary change and when his results eventually came back (it takes a month or two) they confirmed this diagnosis. 


He now has so much more energy than we’ve ever seen him with! I can barely cope!

Which brings me onto the next thing. Me. I’ve been struggling with my energy levels and motivation for a long time. This summer I finally went to the docs about it as I have also been suffering from anxiety since having the kids (and also I’d put my own health on back burner through the last 4 yrs of child production!). I was started on an antidepressant called citalopram. They almost instantly helped with the anxiety, and I eventually got my motivation back with a slightly increased dose. However, despite wanting to do EVERYTHING again, I couldn’t. I didn’t have the energy. I’d lie on my bed wanting to get stuff done round the new house, unable to get my body to cooperate. The worse thing was Pip dropping his nap. I too had been having an afternoon nap while Pip and Bee napped. Until Pip dropped his nap I didn’t see anything wrong with this. Why would I? I’m a busy mum of two very small people! However, I realised that I was so exhausted I literally couldn’t carry on past 2 or 3pm without this break. So I was having to gate Pip into his room for ‘quiet time’ while I rested/napped for an hour or two. He would mostly end up going to sleep out of boredom/loneliness (he did have toys), but then wouldn’t sleep until late at night. This is when I realised something wasn’t right. I shouldn’t be THAT tired. 

 I’d had already all the blood tests to rule things out (hypothyroidism, anaemia, diabetes, etc) and I’m technically healthy. So after another visit to the GP in early November, we agreed it was Fibromyalgia. After all, my aunt and my grandmother both have/had it. The same grandmother and my dad also had type 2 diabetes… So I’m enjoying cake while I still can!!! Just in moderation. Anyways, I digress! It was a massive relief that it firstly wasn’t anything life threatening. And secondly that it was real. That the years of feeling more and more achey and tired weren’t in my head. So now I’m in the process of learning how to manage it all.

On the plus side, Madified Mr has worked his socks off. He’s got a well deserved promotion at work 🙂 And an undeserved promotion (/demotion?!) to part time carer at home. He’s often rather grumpy about this… which was very difficult to take seriously when he grumbling about packing the car while he had his jingly elf Christmas jumper on, jingling away!

To finish off, I managed to write our other car off in flood water. Which deserves its own post, so watch this space! 

So as you can probably see, it’s been a year of change for the Madified family. We’re pretty much getting there with Pip’s gluten free ness. I’ve decided to avoid gluten too (cut back significantly, but not all together for now), to see if it helps with the fibro. I think my brains been less foggy? It certainly helps with IBS… But not enough for me to cut it out ;). Bee has finally had her blood test for coeliac so we can now give her gluten free at home so she’s not throwing gluten around to contaminate Pip! (You need to be on gluten 2 meals a day for 6 weeks for the blood test!).

For 2016 we need to work out what we need to change to manage life now that I have the fibromyalgia diagnosis. At the moment I don’t have the right balance between kids; home; work; rest; hobbies; volunteering. So big decisions to be made soon *sigh* But that can wait a few more days, for tonight I will be bringing in the new year in style! Or at least I’ll be falling to sleep on my mums sofa watching Jools Holland and wearing this awesomebensemble…



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