Rock, Snow and Fibro! Pretty much sums up today. If you add in toddler pee.

I’m currently in single parent mode. That is, my husband in on his run of 12 hour shifts and I become pretty much a single parent. Not an easy feat when battling chronic fatigue/pain.  Last night I let the kids stay up late in the hope they would have a lie in. which worked! They weren’t up until 8:45am! However, I’m a light sleeper, so I was awake from 5:55am when my husband got up. Though I did manage to doze until the kids awoke, and I felt half decent. Breakfast was going well until i popped to the loo. Which of course was the exact time Pip chose to need a wee. so I quickly popped the potty outside the loo for him to use. I heard lots of “ooohhh, uh-oh, oh no, ohhhh” and opened the door to see this…


He says he didn’t have time to sit down! At least we keep the mop in the loo!

Despite the unanticipated mopping up, I still felt ok, so I decided after breakfast that I’d get them out to the village shop/post office to pick up a parcel. If I was going on my own, the whole trip would take about 15 mins, from getting ready to getting back in the house. Instead it took an hour an 15 minutes, and by the time we got back I was exhausted and my head was banging. Well, actually by the time we left the house after 45 mins getting ready I was exhausted! Which meant I didn’t have enough in me to take them to one of Bee’s friends birthday tea party 😦 We did get to crunch some icy puddles on the way though.


I didn’t have enough in me to do anything much with them before lunch. But instead of just sticking some cartoon on the telly that they’ve seen 492749 times before, I decided to educate them. We spent and hour watching Foo Fighters videos!


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I told Pip that they were my favourite band. He said “They’re my favourite too!”. There’s a fine line between educating and brainwashing 😉

After an easy lunch of scrambled eggs for them, and left-overs for me, it was time for Bee’s nap. And mine. I had to convince Pip that he’d have a nice time in his room watching Planes on the iPad. Which he did. Which gave me an hour and 27 minutes of peace to snooze and try and get my head better. Which worked! But them my back hurt. So iPad in bed with both kids for a while. Until Pip pulled Bee’s hair and I decided that perhaps downstairs was manageable after all. We got down stairs to find it had snowed! Never knowing how long snow will stick around for, I thought it could possibly be the only chance this winter, so I battled though and managed to get them both togged up enough to venture outside. The kids loved it, the fresh air helped my head, and the cat went psycho!


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We had a fab time and all felt much better for getting outside. It’s hard work getting there, but worth it 🙂 At least it is until its time to come in. And then they both had total meltdowns, despite the fact that both of them complained of being cold and agreed that we should go inside. Cue my headache returning.

I had a wonderful idea then – a quick tea of gluten free microwave meals (“Kirsty’s” kids meals – they’re fab!). Ones that they’ve both eaten before and liked. Simples. Or not. It took half an hour to convince Pip to eat his, which involved mashing it into baby food. And Bee threw her bowl on the floor. Luckily she’d eaten 3/4 of it, so not too big a loss.

Thank goodness bedtime was easy! Well, it’s only 7:30pm – I may have spoken too soon!



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