First family walk of 2016, from our doorstep :)

Finally the sun shines again! It feels like it’s not been around since last summer. I’ve heard somewhere that this winter has had the least hours of sunshine on record. At least I think that’s what I heard… Or perhaps I made it up because it feels like it was. Either way, I’m sure everywhere that’s has some sun has been revealing in it!

Last week we managed a lovely little family walk out from the village, over the motorway, over a hill, down the canal and under and over the railway. The kids loved the freedom they had running through the fields and were really excited waving at vehicles on the M6 – 90% waved backed, what a friendly motorway! The honking lorrys were particularly exciting to Pip!

And I found a new technique to encourage them up the hill! They’re currently obsessed with dogs (great uncle recently got one, and of course, Paw Patrol!). So we found ourselves throwing sticks up the hill and shouting ‘FETCH!’ while our children ran up after them! 





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