Pokemon Go-ing round Europe!

A recent development in our travel plans (well, at least my plans, I’m the geek) is the arrival of Pokemon Go. 

I LOVED Pokémon when I was younger – playing it got me through some tough times when I was on chemo. And Just last year I replayed the original ‘Red’… Geek. Add to this that I’m a geography, maps, cartography, GIS geek, and Pokemon Go is just a dream!

I’ve enjoyed playing it so far, but haven’t really been able to do too much. Playing Pokemon Go in rural Cumbria be like…


So I’m really quite excited about catching Pokemon around Europe when we go on our road trip. I’ve even bought a solar charger for my iPhone! My husband thinks it’s for us both and mostly for when we go to Sziget festival. Ha! I’ll share it, I promise!

I’ll post any interesting catches on Instagram and/or Twitter @madifiedmum 😉


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