Bacharach (not Burt), Rhine Wein and Burg Stahlech (Youth Hostel in a Castle!)… Plus another bonus country! (Day 3 or Europe Road Trip)

I’d never heard of Bacharach before. Not the place, anyway, just the Bert! I only found it because I read somewhere that Germany has a few youth hostels in Castles – and Bacharach has one of them and is only an hourish from the Nürburgring. Unfortunately, Burg Stahleck ‘Jungenherberger’ didn’t have any family rooms so we thought it best not to stay. But by then I’d researched a little about the town, and decided it would make a perfect stop-off.

The main draw of Bacharach is its location next to the Rhine and its architecture. From the town wall towers and gates and castle, to the timber framed houses, and the churches, Bacharach is like stepping back in time. It’s like walking into a movie set or theme park… But it’s real!

After ‘enjoying’ our evening meal (on Day 2), we took a walk around the town. There’s so many interesting little books and crannies, I think the best way to see the place is just to wonder and get lost. I actually stopped taking pictures in the end, there were just too many little curiosities to discover!

Pension Am Markttor – our accomodation adjenct to one of the city gates.

St Peters church from outide our B&B

On day 3, we spent most of our time in Bacharach. After a rainy start the weather cleared and we got out to see the Rhine. 

The Rhine gorge is just beautiful. The steep valley sides are blanketed by a patchwork of vineyards, which we saw being sprayed by helicopter!

We spent a good couple of hours on the river front and then at a park. Probably the most scenic park I have ever visited!

After a good play we climbed up the hill to Burg Stahleck. By then it was rather warm and Bee was rather tired. So poor Mike ended up with Bee on his back in the sling, and the rucksack on his front! I did try and carry it, but was out of breath after a couple of minutes on the flat!

Once at the top we enjoyed a typical youth hostel lunch of Sarnies and pasta from the canteen hatch! We then sat out in the courtyard and soaked up the spectacular place we were in.

We headed back into Bacharach via a different route – more things to discover! Including little streams and the church ruins of Wernerkappel.

Once back down, we piled into the car and three of us fell asleep while Mike drove us to our next destination 🙂 I did wake up for a little bit though. We ended up in some traffic and the sat nav detoured us through France! So we got another bonus country on our list, if only for 20 minutes!


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