Bathing-Bathing in Baden-Baden, and driving the Schwartzwaldhochstraße-‘The best drive in Europe’! (Day 4 of Europe Road Trip)

Baden-Baden, in the far North West of the Black Forest was where the next part of our Europe road trip began. We stayed one night in the ‘Autobahnrasthaus und Motel’ – pretty much a travel Lodge at a service station. Not somewhere you’d think to go for a walk, right?! Thanks to Pokémon Go I saw some really bizzare ‘Pokestops’, Basically places of interest that pop up in the game and show you a picture of the place. I was rather surprised to see these Egyptian looking towers, so went to check them out! There was a modern looking pyramid church, with these towers placed around it, just 5 minutes from the services/motel!

One of the towers surroundong the pyramid church near Baden-Baden Autobahnrasthaus und Motel

Beautiful sunset through church tower thingy

My monkeys at the little plat area at the Autobahnrasthaus

We managed to get Pip a delicious gluten free rice dish at the services, which he loved! And was enough to feed bothPip and Bee, while we had sausage and chips!

We spent the best part of day 4 at an open air water park in Baden-Baden. It would seem these are quite common in Germany – I wish we had their weather in the UK! It was fantastic with 5 different pools and lots of grassy area to set up your base/picnic. There’s a very shallow toddler pool, a kids pool where Pip could almost put his feet down but still swim, a fun pool with rapids, waterslide and , fountainy things, a lane pool and a diving pool with 2,5 and 10m diving boards! We stuck to the smaller pools! Despite it being really warm, out little sensitive one got cold! Hence the picture of him snuggled invite me feeding him his lunch! Before heading off we watched some brave folks do the 10m diving board!

Pip the shark – reall getting into character at Baden-Baden outdoor pools

I love this pic! the sheer joy on her face!

Bathing-Bathing at Baden-Baden!

Our little sensitive one was frrrrrreezing. It was only about 29*C air temp?!!

The toddler pool and play park

Play park and toddler pool

The middle fun pools at waterslide!

Then it was Mummy and Daddy’s turn for fun! Driving the Schwarzwaldhochstraße! My internet research when planning this trip had repeatedly given me the conclusion that this was the best drive in Europe! So our route was actually planned around fitting this in. As we entered the start of this iconic drive, three tractors and a caravan pulled on just before us! Typical! We soon overtook and the route definitely lived up to expectations. The roads swung round here and there revealing new views of forest or hills or villages and it was absolutely stunning. 

Here’s a few time lapses and pics to give you a taste of our experience. And also to show the kids what they slept through! We had a nice peaceful journey though 😉


What it’s hard to capture with the time lapses are the views to the valley. So here you go…

We were staying in a town/village called Wolfach, which is in the centre of the Black Forest. It’s a beautiful little town, where we stopped off to get provisions for the next day or so 😉

We had a two bedroom apartment with a living/dining room and a kitchen, and a balcony overlooking the town and forest. Here we had a well needed 3 night pause in our journeying, and the kids were so much better having space! Ahhh, relax 🙂


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