We’re going on a bear hunt … In the Black Forest! ‘Wolf und Bären Park’ (Day 5 of Europe Road Trip.)

After our first of three nights in the Black Forest, we had a well needed morning of doing nothing. 4 tired bears chilled on front of the telly and played indoor games, while it chucked it down outside. 

Bee matching animal cards in the lounge of our Black Forest Appartment.

I also hand washed all of our laundry so far! Go me!

It brightened up in the afternoon, so we went to the Wolf and Bear park, 20 minutes away. All the Bears and Wolves here have been rescued from circuses and the like, and now have huge natural Black Forest enclosures to wonder around and be bears in. Given some of their pasts, they are not shy of humans and it is easy to get great photos. Which is a bit sad really, but they’re in the best place given they cannot be released in the wild.

The kids absolutely loved it, as did we. They followed the rules of being quiet really well. Which is quite suprising! But Pip has been taught that when animals are frightened, they might attack… So I think he really didn’t want to scare them! The only real noise was Bee squealing ‘awwwwwwww’ every time we saw another bear!  And when we saw one far away she said “Awww, tiny bear!”! Which reminded us of that Father Ted scene where he’s trying to explain to Dougal the small cows and the far away cows! (I writing this on my phone in transit so can’t get a link…Google it, it’s worth it!)

The Wolves were very shy, we caught a glimpse of one at the beginning, but not after that. But there were bees! Because of course bears eat honey 😉

Anyway, here’s a million photos, because BEARS!


In the evening, the kids actually went to sleep and we got to be grown ups! So we played Pass the Pigs, and Maponimoes, a new game that’s like dominoes but matching up countries and borders etc. it’s really addictive and really good… But someone couldn’t get their head round it at first! “I don’t get it! It’s not intuitive! It’s a stupid game!” Hahaha!

(P.s. It’s taken three days to write this blog because the WordPress app on my phone is so glitchy! Hence lack of photo labels, and surplus of typos)


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