Black Forest Rondelbahn, Cuckoo Clocks and Random Trains. (Day 6 of Europe Road Trip)

Only 10 mins away from our Appartment in Wolfach was a ‘Rondelbahn’, a summer toboggan run, where you sit in a little cart attached to tracks and control your own speed as you whizz round and down the hillside. It cost €12 for 6 goes for adults and €9 for 6 goes for children, 3 to Something years old. Bee’s not quite yet 3, only having had her birthday in April… But they didn’t ask, so we didn’t tell! A good job too because she LOVED it, the little speed freak! “Faster, Mummy! FASTER!”


Pip also loved it, which was great. He can be quite scared of, well, anything! So it was really brave of him to give it a go to start with. Here’s a vid of his second go, his first was with Daddy. “Daddy breaks for the corners!” OOPS!

I can’t get the video to upload, so here’s Pip and then Bee enjoying the motorbike! I’m not sure Pip was happy about his passenger joining him!

​I also managed to use my best Deutch, and ask if the chips were glutenfree “Mein sohn ist eine zöliake. Ist die pommes gluten frei?”. (Most of my foreign languages now revolve around this sentence.). The young lad at the counter had no idea what I was on about, and I thought my German was terrible. But then the older lady stepped in and explained that they were gluten free, and they had seperate fryers for the chips, hurrah for gluten frei! We also indulged in some ice cream/lollies 🙂

After one last go on the Rondelbahn, we headed off to our next stop – a Black Forest clock shop… Cuckoo clocks galore! We decided that we might buy one with some of our new house money from a family member (a year ago!), which made it extra exciting! But first, we had to have a go with the giant clockwork scene outside!

There were sooooo many clocks, and all different. It really was fascinating. 

And here’s the one we bought! We figured it might look better in our house than the dark wood ones, but still has lots of traditional carving. And just listen to its cuckoo! (Which can be switched off!!!)

After spending time in a shop not able to touch anything, the kids were worn out, so we headed back to the appartment for a chill out. We then decided we had enough time to visit a model railway in the next village over, Hausach. Unfortunately when we got there it was closed and the sign said closed on Mondays! Oops! So we decided to go on a real train instead, just for the sake of it. You have to pay a city tax, but for it you get a discount card and it also had free train rides in the area – so we took a 70 minute round trip to St Georgen.. Not that we saw the place, we had a 3 minute connection for the train back! It was pretty good though, the views were beautiful 🙂

Then we packed our backs for the next day – journeying to Innsbruck via Neuschwanstein Castle!


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