18 hours in Innsbruck -Ski Jumps and Sightseeing busses! (Day 8 of Europe Road Trip)

To say that our stay in Innsbruck was brief, we managed to do quite a lot thanks to the sightseeing bus.    We arrived quite late the previous evening, and managed to get the kids to sleep pretty easily in our quadruple room. The next morning at breakfast we made a packed lunch for the evening, and Pip discovered he loves natural yoghurt and pretty much devoured the whole serving bowl! 
After that we packed up so we were ready to head straight off later, and ventured out to the sightseeing tour bus stop, a 5 (15!) minute walk down the road. On boarding the bus we learnt that they only take cash, and we didn’t have enough! Luckily the driver took pity on us and let us on anyway, phew! 

Our first ‘hop off’ was for the Olympic ski jump at Bergisel. It’s €9 entry for adults and our kids were free (I’m afraid I can’t remember the cut off age.). The gentleman as the desk was very kind and gave us ‘cash-back’ too after we asked if there was a cash machine – meaning we could actually pay for the sightseeing bus that we’d already done a third of the circuit on! 

What a sight it was! After getting the funicular/lifty thing to the top, and then heading to the top of the tower, the panoramas of Innsbruck and the mountains were stunning. And the ski jump was spectacular, belly turning just to imagine whizzing down there. 

We got more than just imagining though, as a local ski jumper (Andreas Zoller) was there practising (in between studying medicine!). He was a really nice guy and chatted with us, and I managed to get some cool footage of his jumps. Once from the restaurant and again from the middle stop of the lift, where I got the über cool ski-mo from! 


After waiting for to see that, we were almost late for the next bus – but it was worth it! Innsbruck is a beautiful city with some really ornate buildings which we wouldn’t have seen on foot (because we wouldn’t have got very far!). I didn’t get any pics though. When Bee was with me she was a wiggly nightmare, and Pip fell asleep!

Our next ‘hop off’ was based around lunch. A few days prior I’d discovered the http://www.glutenfreeroads.com website by the gluten free brand Schär. It shows you the locations and info and reviews of recognised restaurants that cater for gluten free. We went to a well known chain called Vapiano who do Italian food. They were brilliant! I over explained Pip’s condition (they were well aware of coeliac/zöliakie disease!), and I was really pleasantly surprised to find they only used gluten free flour for all of their dusting etc – so the only gluten was in the previously prepped dough! And it was the best gluten free pizza we’d ever had! Pip polished off a full sized salami one (minus the crusts)!


After lunch we did the rest of the tour us to take us back to the car, and head south to Lake Garda. We stopped at the north of the lake and had our ‘packed lunch’ from Innsbruck on the promemade. A beautiful taster for the next few days 🙂

Paradise 🙂


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