Visiting Verona: Gladiators and Giuliettas. (Day 10 of Europe Road Trip)

The first time I heard of Verona was studying Romeo and Juliet at high school. At that time, to me it was a place that didn’t really exist. It was just in a book. At some point this must have corrected itself, because I knew full well Verona was real when we got the chance to visit. What I didn’t know is that the family’s (Capulets and Montegues) were possibly real and you can visit their house and stand on the balcony that inspired that famous scene. (At least that’s what I took from the tour commentary – any one fill me in?!)

We didn’t arrive until mid/late afternoon – it was chucking it down in the morning! Honest!

We took the ferry from Toscolano Maderno to the east of the lake, which the kids loved.

Then we drove to Verona via another restaurant recommended on the Schär ‘gluten free roads’ website. It didn’t let us down and they even did lactofree mozzerella! So Mike had his first ‘real’ pizza in a long long time!

I ordered my pizza based entirely on its name. (Much like choosing a racehorse, right?!). Was it something very Italian sounding like the the rest of the menu, such as Quattro Stagioni? Nope. Amongst the usual, and some specials, was a very different name. His name was…


I sh*t you not. I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of the menu. But the pizza below is called Kevin. I really enjoyed Kevin.

We arrived mid/late afternoon in Verona. It took a while to get parked, and was rather amusing. We had chosen a car park prior to arriving, but it was full when we arrived. So we had to wait at the barrier until someone left freeing up a space. We’d been waiting about 15 minutes at said barrier and in that time had noticed a man lingering round and then a car left, which is when I was frantically pressing the ticket button to try and get our ticket before the other car that was also waiting but at a second barrier at the other side of the car park. Mike realised we needed to pull the car back and reapproach to trigger the sensor – which we worked out before the other car! Woo! But on driving round to the recently vacated space, we found lingering Italian man stood in it trying to save it, and refusing to budge! So I hopped and gave him what for! The parking attendant came over and had to placate him and explain that we rightfully had the space (at least I presume this is what happened – they were obviously conversing in Italian). Lingering man was displeased to say the least, but eventually buggered off. I really enjoyed it 😂

So! After the success of the sightseeing bus in Innsbruck, we opted for this again in Verona. It left from the piazza where the Roman Ampitheatre is, so we got some initial sightseeing in there.

There were giant Egyptian and Roman ‘stuff’ outside too. A bit perculiar, but fun none the less. I guess there was a reason, but we missed it!

We stayed on the bus for the whole circuit given the time. It did the usual driving round round the streets and to a viewpoint. They really are a great way to get a taster of somewhere in a limited amount of time, especially when lugging two vehicle mad young children with you! 

You certainly he some interesting angles when taking photos from a tour bus!

After this, there were two more things to tick off our list in Verona. Firstly, eat some gelato! They even had ‘senza Lattosio’ for Mike!

Secondly, was to go and see Juliette’s balcony. It was €6 to go in ‘Casa Giulietta’. There was a lot more you could see and do than just go on the balcony, but I was happy to pay €6 just for that! So me and Bee headed up there to be Juliettes! (After battling through the busy courtyard that is! It was surprisingly quiet once inside the house.)

Bee really REALLY enjoyed her balcony scene – as soon as we went back in she started mincing around and posing! Sofa ter a couple more people had their turns, we went back out for an encore! Bee promptly started posing by turning her head to the side and fluffing her hair! I have no idea where she’s got that move from!

Ha! Little poser!

Balcony scene done and it was Mike and Pips turn to do their thing and rub Juliettes boob for good luck! Pip looks rather pleased! 


Typical tourist things done we headed back to the car for home, Bee enduring at least 3 individual people/groups laughing out loud at her chocolate gelato coverage! It’s just a normal day for me, stop laughing!

Verona – tick!


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