Queues for Views from Monte Baldo cable car, Lake Garda (Day 11 or Europe Riad Trip).

Kids love transport. So long as its powered by something other than their own legs! So we decided to take the cable car up to Monte Baldo where you can get panoramic views of Lake Garda. 

The cable car starts at Malcesine on the north east coast of the lake, so we drove to Limone on the north west coast and took a ferry from there. Limone was a beautiful place, and we had about an hour there to have lunch and play on the beach before the ferry departed.

We had decided to go as foot passengers and walk from the ferry to the cable car… Turns out we slightly miscalculated where the ferry docked and were 20 mins walk instead of 6! Which with the kids, and heat, took about 45 mins.

By the time we got there we were just desperate to get going in the cable car. Unfortunately, it would appear that ~3pm is a bad time to go on the cable car because we had to queue for an hour and a half! Yes, 90 minutes with two young children and my crap energy and dodgy feet/back/everything. I spent most of the time sat on the floor while the kids ran round in circles to and from me and Mike, or collapsed. 

By the time we actually got in a cable car I didn’t have the energy to stand in there either, so sat on the floor next to the kids :-/ Invisible illness can be very undignified. Good job I don’t give a monkeys about what people think!

It was kind of worth it though as the views at the top were incredible. 

They even had Alpacas up there, who looked quite at home in the mountains!

 After a break as an ice cream we got the cable car back down (a little bit of waiting but nowhere near as bad), then dragged ourselves back to the boat for the return journey. On the way back to the car Pip spotted some vehicles he liked so had some pictures taken!

Without the ridiculous queues this would have been a great afternoon out. I’d recommend going really early! 


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