An afternoon IN Lake Garda! Swim and kayak (Day 12 of Europe Road Trip)

A trip to Lake Garda wouldn’t be complete without a trip INTO Lake Garda. We’re a water loving family, so hoped to find a beach where we could paddle, splash about and maybe hire a pedallo or something. 

We first tried a beach that a lovely German family we met we’re going to that afternoon in the hope to meet up – but the car park was full so we decided to continue north and see what we found. We love all the tunnels through the rock that the lake roads wind in and out of and got quite excited that there were actually exits from the tunnels to get to places! So we took one to a place called Campione, that we knew nothing about. Well, it must have been fate, because said beach was a water sports beach! 

There were loads of people out windsurfing and kite surfing and on SUP’s (Stand Up Paddleboard) and sit on top kayaks that you could hire. I really want to try SUP’ing at some point, but thought this would be unfair on the kids because I don’t think I could have taken them as a passenger! I might not even be able to do it myself!

So firstly, we had a swim and a splash and Pip got very brave with his swimming, going well out of his depth! Bee wasn’t so keen, however, so I went and hired a sit on top kayak for €10 for an hour. I have a decent amount of kayaking experience from my uni days, so felt confident to take the kids out. And really happy to be sat with a double ended paddle again! (We only have canoes at work, not that I’ve been in one for ages!). We all had a great time, and Mike managed to not capsize (unlike on Derwent  water a few years ago…)! The kids loved it! Bee was very expressive of this during her first go, turning round to me and saying “I exited! I excited, mummy, to go in boat! I excited! Eeeeeeeee!”. So cute ☺️

Here’s some piccies. They get blurrier and blurrier as my ‘life proof’ phone case got some moisture in a couple of months ago (dropped it in swimming pool shower!) that I haven’t got round to sorting. But they make for a fancy filter, right? Instagram, eat your heart out! 

A fantastic afternoon 🙂


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