Being poorly on holiday – thank you EU! And thank you lovely Hungarian relatives!

Eugh. Being ill on holiday is never nice. I came out on our road trip with a sinusy head cold that has never really shifted and came back full force this weekend with fever and chills etc. Not easy for Mike having do do more than his fair share of stuff. But, you know, we’re grown ups and we plough on. 

But poor Bee got rather poorly before the weekend and ended up with Croup (the one with the barking cough – see vid.. And call Drs immediately if your little one barks like a seal!). Croup can be quite serious and need hospitalisation in some cases.

Luckily this happened while we were staying in Budapest close to Hungarian relatives, so they kindly helped us out getting a appointment (on a Saturday, because these things always happen to us on weekends or bank holidays. No exaggeration). Plus escorting us to said appointment and translating. We were so lucky it happened when it did, as it wouldn’t have been quite as simple using google translate! And it was great that we were somewhere we had a base for a few nights and not on one of our ‘travelling legs’ of the trip. 

waiting in the paediatricians surger

waiting in the pharmacy

Bee was diagnosed with croup and prescribed some drops for the cough and also a steroid pessary (I think) to use that night to help her breathe. If she didn’t improve we’d have had a hospital trip… But luckily the drugs did their job and she bounced back in a couple of days. She still has a cough now, but is sooo much better and able to enjoy the holiday again. 

And for all of this we didn’t have to pay a penny, thanks to her EHIC – European Health Insurance Card. One of the many benefits of currently still being a member of the EU!


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