Devin Castle day: Archery, History and Dragons! (Well, in our head it was Dragonstone!)

On our way to our next stop (Brno, Czech Rep.) we planned to pop into Devin Castle, not far from Bratislava and near the border with Austria. It’s mostly ruins sat on an outcrop and looks like a set directly out of A Game of Thrones. (DragonStone, perhaps?!). There is a fantastic set up there with a few restaurants and a play park at the bottom of the hill. So seeing as we arrived at lunchtime we took advantage of this. Om nom nom!

We then climbed the short hill to the Castle (€4 each adult entry), having a go at archery and checking out some Stone Age tools and medieval weapons on the way. 

There’s currently no access up the the top part of the castle, which was a shame. But it was still spectacular. The views were amazing and just being there transported you back in time (or to Westeros if that’s what’s in your imagination.) It’s my favourite castle. I’ve never had a favourite castle before! 

We spent much longer there than anticipated, but it was such a great place, we’re so glad we did. It did mean a late ETA for our next stop in Brno… Which is another story!!!

Bratislava, Slovakia – my new favourite city! Amazing Street Orchestra and a UFO!

Knowing we had very limited time in Bratislava, I’d managed to book an appartment right in the centre only a couple of minutes walk from the old town. This really paid off as we headed straight out as soon as we arrived in the evening. 

We wondered pretty aimlessly into the old town, which was a contrast to our time in Budapest where we were always on a mission! 

As we wound our way deeper into the old town we could hear music and a found a crowd gathered round a small orchestra in the middle of the street. We stayed ubtil the end of their set because they were AMAZING! They’re from the Netherlands and only exist one week a year, when they pick a place/area to go and perform on the streets! What a wonderful way to enjoy playing music and to travel! They absolutely blew us away. They finished with a version of Alanis Morrisette’s ‘Uninvited’, which has such powerful music, and it didn’t disappoint. They were just incredible, and really added to our Bratislava experience. We felt very fortunate to have stumbled upon them.

The relaxed yet lively atmosphere of the old town didn’t fade once they finished and we continued our meanderings down to the Danube.

There were some massive river cruise boats, one even had a swimming pool on top! That is definitely a holiday I would like to do in the future (minus children). The main bridge over the river has a rather oddly shaped restaurant perched atop the far support – a UFO/flying saucer! So cool for a sci fi geek like me! 

Knackered, we found our way back to the appartment and the kids slept on the sofa bed, while we took the proper bed! What a luxury! (Uninterrupted sleep, that is.)